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Vishnu Avatar


Item Weight: 449 g

Primary Material: Polyester cotton canvas with a Beautiful Gloss Finish

Item Shape: Rectangular

What is in the Box: 1 Unframed Canvas Painting.



This painting depicts Lord Vishnu, one of the most revered Hindu deity.

Lord Vishnu is the “preserver” in the Hindu triad (Trimurti) that includes Brahma and Shiva. 

Vishnu is identical to the formless metaphysical concept called Brahman, the supreme, the Svayam Bhagavan, who takes various Avatars as “the preserver, protector” whenever the world is threatened with evil, chaos, and destructive forces. His avatars most notably include Rama in the Ramayana and Krishna in the Mahabharata. He is also known as Narayana, Trilokinath, IshtadevaJagannath, Vasudeva, Vithoba, and Hari

In Hindu iconography, Vishnu is usually depicted as having a pale or dark blue complexion and having four arms. He holds a Padma(lotus flower) in his lower left hand, Kaumodaki Gada (mace) in his lower right hand, Panchajanya Shankha (conch) in his upper left hand and the Sudarshana Chakra (discus) in his upper right hand.

A traditional depiction is Vishnu reclining on the coils of the serpent Shesha, as has been depicted in this painting, accompanied by his consort Lakshmi, as he “dreams the universe into reality”

The Primary Material is of Polyester Cotton Canvas fabric, hand-picked for great design output. It is built to absorb machine print ink; brings a glorious visual once done. Digital Printers have been used for fine art reproduction; the Inks are only Oil-based to give it a Gorgeous Finish.

This painting has been done by Artist of Kerala.

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Large/29×58 inches, Medium/19×39 inches, X-Large/35×71 inches


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