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Seven Horses of the Sun


3.83 ft x 1.66 ft




The seven horses of the Sun God are the seven colors compromising light. These seven colors become visible in a rainbow or when light passes through a prism. Vedic literature used large numbers and employed modern decimal enumeration, compared with the primitive Greek and Roman arithmetic. The first recorded evidence of “Hindu” numerals is at least as old as the Ashoka’s edicts, circa 250 B. C. Not just astronomy, but other physical concepts appear in quite a developed form in ancient Indian literature. These include atomism, superposition of various sound notes, the division of time into very small units of the order of a 100,000th of a second, and so on.

Modern physics confirmed that the sun’s rays travel in a curved way, but not in a straight line. Our ancestors told that the sun’s chariot was drawn by seven horses tied by snakes. As the movements of the snakes are crooked and curved, so also the sun’s ray. The phenomenon is described in a metaphysical poetic line bhujagana mita sapta turaga. The chapter on light says that there are seven colors in the white ray of the sun. Artharveda says that there are seven types of sun’s rays, sapta surayasya rasmayah.

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This piece of Artwork is inspired by Late M.F. Hussain

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Dimensions46 × 20 in


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