Paper Mache Wall Hanger


Primary material: Waste/Normal Paper

Package Dimensions: 25.4 x 20.3 x 5.1 cm

Capacity: 16 x 10 inch

Included is in the box: Shade


In stock


Paper Mache is a composite material made from (Paper Pulp, sometimes reinforced with textile fabrics and adhesives like starch and glue. A pulp is derived by shocking / boiling paper then adding glue to it. Further the artist either put the pulp in predesigned mold or hand design the pulp to give shape and size to the pulp.

Paper Mache was used by ancient Egypt for making masks and coffins In Persia, it has been used to manufacture small painted boxes, trays, étagères and cases. Japan and China also produced laminated paper articles using Paper-Mache In Japan and India, Paper-Mache was used to add decorative elements to armor and shields. In Odisha, Paper Mache is used to produce decorative items, hanging items, jewelry boxes, Pen stands pots, etc.

About the product

The Paper Mache Wall hanger on display here has been Hand-made by Local Craftsman and depicts a Village Life.

You can use it to decorate the Wall of Home or Office or just as a showpiece.

Benefits: By using paper Mache you would be encouraging recycling of waste paper, by using biodegradable products for Home and Office decoration. At the same time, you would be encouraging Artisans/Craftsmen to keep their culture alive.

When you buy any of the paper Mache a large portion of the revenue goes to the Artisan community which help them in their socio-economic upliftment.


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