Madhubani Canvas Painting


Color: Multi

Item Weight: 449 g

Size: Small/19 x 8 inches
Medium/38 x 16 inches
Large/58 x 23 inches

Item Weight: 449 g

Primary Material: Fabric



Madhubani Painting is practised in the Mithila region of Bihar. This form of Painting is famous the World over. Madhubani Painting is done with Fingers, Twigs, Brushes, Nib-Pens, and Matchsticks, etc. Natural Dyes and Pigments is used. The Paintings is characterised by Eye-Catching Geometrical Patterns. The content depicts mostly Rituals or Special Occasions, such as Birth or Marriage, and Festivals, such as Holi, Surya Shasti, Kali Puja, Durga Puja & a host of other Hindu Festivals.

If you have been looking for Madhubani Paintings for your Room Decor, but found it too costly, worry no more. You can get one here!

About the Canvas & Digital Print:
Export Quality Polyester Cotton Canvas Fabric has been hand-picked for each design for best quality output. It is built to absorb machine print ink & brings a glorious visual once done. Digital printers used are designed for fine art Reproduction & the Inks are only Oil based for that gorgeous finish.

Size: The Painting comes in three different sizes(Check Short Product Description above).

Legal Disclaimer:
Unframed. Actual print image may vary a bit as image quality seen online depends on your laptop/computer/mobile screen resolution. Display image is Digital, print would have a Canvas Effect.

Note: Please check the size carefully before Buying. The product won’t be refunded because of size.

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Large/58X23 inches, Medium/38X16 inches, Small/19×8 inches


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